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What Others Are Saying

  • As is the case with most projects, time is of the essence. When I assign a project to Homeyer Engineering, I know that they will do everything possible to expedite their portion of the design and review process. On a recent project we were four to six weeks behind schedule when Homeyer Engineering was brought on board. Steve and his staff were able to make up the majority of this time during the design and review process due to their understanding of the development review process. The contractor was able to make up the remaining days and as a result, we were able to receive our certificate of occupancy ahead of schedule.

Gray Harrison
Vice President of Project Development
Physicians' Capital Investments

  • The cost of construction is a critical component in the development of a project. When I started using Homeyer Engineering several years ago, I immediately noticed a savings of 15%-20% in our site development costs. These savings allow me to be more competitive given the current economic conditions. Thanks to everyone at Homeyer Engineering for all of your efforts.

Tim Huffman
Huffman Builders

  • We are a multinational company with over 150 locations. I have been fortunate and unfortunate to work with engineers in many different municipalities. Homeyer Engineering is one of the best engineering firms that I have had the pleasure to work with. Many of our projects, like most developments, are under tight time frames and extreme pressure to complete. The project that Homeyer Engineering completed for us was unique in that we had to obtain approvals from two different municipalities for the same review. Steve Homeyer was instrumental in working through the various political battles of the two different municipalities. Each municipality threatened to table our project for political gain, but Steve Homeyer was there to ensure that the process kept moving forward. If you need a great engineering firm then call Homeyer Engineering.

Steve Tibble
Director of Construction
Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.